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Facilities Management.

If you have a portfolio of depots/trade counters/ industrial units/business parks/retail parks/ we can take the pain away in terms of maintenance. We will plan, implement, and monitor a maintenance schedule across your portfolio. Our custom build IMS will store all technical docs that can be shared across your business from:

  • Site Plans and Drawings
  • Drainage Plans
  • Asset Register
  • Service Reports
  • Duplication Surveys
  • Testing Certificates
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    We begin by conducting a comprehensive maintenance audit during an on-site visit, encompassing a building survey to confirm floor plans, roof plans, building elevations, and more. This enables us to precisely pinpoint the location of any issues on the site.

    Following the initial survey, each maintenance item undergoes thorough documentation and is outlined in a schedule of works, compiled on a room-by-room and area-by-area basis. Prioritising tasks allows us to address more urgent matters promptly.

    All proposed works are priced before remedial actions are undertaken.

    For issue reporting, our Maintenance Team is available 24/7. New problems can be logged at any time, eliminating the need for an on-site visit. The information is effortlessly uploaded to our app, enabling HQ to respond promptly.

    Leveraging our large specialist supply chain, we can address and resolve any issue, regardless of its perceived complexity.

    To keep stakeholders informed, a monthly schedule of work reports is automatically generated on a monthly basis.

    Design. Build. Maintain.

    Quality Assured

    At OGL Construction, we recognise that commercial properties serve as the backbone of your business, reflecting your brand identity and operational needs. We take pride in constructing outstanding commercial spaces and are committed to maintaining their optimal condition throughout the years. Our comprehensive maintenance services are tailored to meet the unique requirements of your business, ensuring your property operates seamlessly at all times.

    Our Maintenance Services

    Scheduled Building Inspections:

    Recognising the significance of your commercial property as a strategic investment, our team conducts regular inspections to uphold the highest standards. This approach allows us to identify and address potential issues, minimising disruptions and preventing any problems before they arise.

    Facility Maintenance:

    From routine tasks to substantial projects, our experienced maintenance team is well equipped to handle a diverse range of commercial property repairs and improvements. Whether it’s addressing minor issues or undertaking major renovations, we are committed to maintaining the functionality of your commercial space.

    Response and Call-Out Services:

    We understand that unforeseen issues can arise at any moment, impacting the functionality of your commercial property. That’s why we offer swift and reliable response and call-out services. Our dedicated team of experts is always available to address urgent maintenance needs, ensuring minimal downtime and swift resolution when unexpected challenges arise.



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